Welcome to Alcoholics Anonymous Area 38

The Eastern Area of Missouri (EAMO)

Archives Committee

This committee is concerned with preserving and organizing records of local A.A. history.  The Eastern Missouri A.A. archive exists as a repository for early artifacts, correspondence, and other historically informative materials for the area. Materials are gathered, organized, indexed, protected, preserved and made available to interested members and students/researchers of A.A. history.


Traveling archives available for workshops, meetings etc.

District Archivist

Suggested Responsibilities & Guidelines

To Get Involved Contact:

Call the Eastern Area Office: 314-644-1130, email archives@eamo.org, or write:

EAMO Archives
14 Sunnen Dr., Suite 144
St. Louis, Missouri 63143

Current Activities Include:

Updating the Eastern area history

Compiling district histories

Taping old-timer's stories

Collecting materials of historical significance

Groups Can...

Come to the archives for a video show - call for more information

Update their Group's History using the Eastern Missouri Archives Group History Report.

Here is a guide for writing a an AA Group History: Group History Guide

A request from the Archives Committee:

Taking from a section of the AA Grapevine "If walls could talk" we want to create a section in the archives with the same name and create a display of the groups meeting rooms and a little history of the group.  We ask for all the groups to send in a 4in.x 6in.photograph of their meeting room to the archives at #14 Sunnen Dr. Suite 144, Maplewood. Mo. 63143 or send a digital photo 4in x 6in. Photo in the jpg format and if you do this only send one photo per e-mail to archives@eamo.org. Please no people in the pictures.  Anyone having any questions can contact the archive committee @ 314-644-1130 or archives@eamo.org.

EAMO Office and Archives • 14 Sunnen Drive • Suite 144 • Maplewood, MO 63143 • 314-644-1130 • Map It

Archives open First Wednesday of each month 1:00 PM — 6:00 PM

Archive working sessions: Third Saturday of each month 10:30 AM — 12:30 PM

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